Braun BFH 125 家庭式小童~成人數碼顯示+發燒顏色提示 (額探式温度計usa直送)
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定價 HK$399
價錢 HK$250
Braun BFH 125 家庭式小童~成人數碼顯示+發燒顏色提示 (額探式温度計usa直送)


Braun BFH-125 Forehead Thermometer, White Forehead Thermometer for Babies, Kids, Toddlers, Adults, Display is Digital and Accurate, Thermometer for Precise Fever Tracking at Home BRAUN FOREHEAD THERMOMETER: No parent wants to wake a sleeping baby. Braun's BFH125 Forehead Thermometer can take accurate temperatures quickly & comfortably within seconds, making it easy to take a sick child or baby's temperature while they're asleep DIGITAL FOREHEAD THERMOMETER: With an easy to read digital display with a back-lit, color-coded temperature reading, Braun's Forehead thermometer makes taking temperatures fast, easy, and noninvasive. This forehead thermometer is great for kids or adults DIGITAL THERMOMETERS FOR KIDS & ADULTS: With innovative designs & easy to use controls, Braun child thermometers are great for adults, too. Disposable lens filters for ear thermometers & easy to clean digital & forehead thermometers keep sharing sanitary More Shipped from USA Braun Forehead Thermometer With Fever Guidance System. Professional accuracy with a gentle forehead touch.
  • 平行進口產品 (水貨)
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