Oral-B AquaCare Series 4 Portable Premium Irrigator 便攜式沖洗器
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價錢 HK$599

使用 Oral-B Aquacare 牙線器提升您的口腔護理程序,該牙線器採用 Oxyjet 技術,可煥發牙齦護理活力。Aquacare 4 有助於改善您的牙齦健康,並溫和地清除牙齒之間的食物,尤其是金屬絲和牙套。

內容:1 個 Aquacare 便攜式沖洗器、1 個 Oxyjet 噴嘴、1 個充電站


  • Oxyjet 技術:使用微細氣泡豐富水質,通過按需按鈕可以改善您的口腔健康狀況,您可以精確控制水流
  • 通過四種清潔模式個性化您的清潔體驗,aquacare 4 有兩種強度設置:敏感和常規,每種都可以與兩個噴嘴水流一起使用:聚焦或旋轉
  • 無繩:無附件,操作方便,容量為 145 毫升;該產品可防止任何方向的水濺
  • 四種清潔模式


AQUACARE 4 Oral-B Oral Irrigator

1. Oxyjet Technology: water enriched with microbubbles of air helps to improve gum health.

2. Unique on-demand setting: to release the water stream only when needed

3. Four cleaning modes: 2 adjustable water intensities to get the regular or sensitive clean you want  and 2 wtaer streams: focused  or rotational.

Includ 1 replacement Oxyjet.

Additional product information

Recommended for
  • Adults
  • Implants patients
  • Patients with Orthodontic Appliance
Application for
  • Implant hygiene
  • Oral hygiene Orthodontic Appliances
  • Plaque Removal
  • Plaque removal in difficult zones
EAN 4210201233220